Mini Update: HELP.

November 24, 2010 - One Response

The minis would like to issue the following warning:
“HELP!!!!!!!!!! The Enormous Crocodile has escaped from his illustrations and he says he shall need to eat at least four children to be full up! BY WHICH HE MEANS US!!!!!!!!!

The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile

“Also his book was written by someone named Rolled Doll which means the author meant to send this evil crocodile out to get us!!!!! Why would you want to eat rolled dolls?????? HMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!”

Please help our dolls by saving them from this evil animal. Also, the E.C. is insisting he is the “cleverest croc” which is untrue; we are the cleverest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of any animal!!


Kit-Kat Khip and More Twins!

July 8, 2010 - One Response

This is a two part post. Why? There are two of us! Duh!

Kit-Kat Khip
We have a new invention. It’s a microchip that we implant in your brain. Once it implants in your brain, it directs your brain energy to think about us all the time! Isn’t that great! (As a bonus – did you know thinking burns calories? That’s what Camille keeps telling us, at least. And we think about ourselves a lot.) We know everyone wants to try it. Well, everyone except Harper. We are very confused about this. Harper had to have emergency brain surgery almost two weeks ago, so we thought this would be the perfect time to try out our khip. However, maybe she wasn’t thinking straight because she was having brain problems. We should try again now that she is (supposedly) back to normal… hmmph!!!

Anyway, you should sign up to get the Kit-Kat Khip! We are now board-certified neurosurgeons and PhD’s. And engineers. We got all these degrees (and our residency) online. How did we do the residency online? We played video games! Surgery is pretty much the same thing, especially on your brain. It only took us three hours! You can totally trust us!

More Twins
We are just so great that the world couldn’t get enough of us. Sophie is our newest hire at the Kit-Kat Impossible Mission Force, and we asked her to solve our latest case since we were working on the Khip.

Sophie and Emily

Sophie and Emily

We were very pleased with how hard Sophie worked. Too bad she is traveling – we would keep her on the team! (What? Did we pay her? Isn’t being in our presence enough payment?)

Sophie Working

Sophie Working

And guess what she discovered! Samantha has a twin!!!!!! The only sad part is, they don’t have candy-bar nicknames, so they can’t join the Kit-Kat and Baby-Ruthie club. Still. They are twins, so they have to join forces with us. We will update on that soon.

Liesel, Samantha's Twin!!

Liesel, Samantha's Twin!!

You can read more about the mystery and the Kit-Kat Khip in THIS ALBUM!!!!!!! We love comments in the album!!

Lady Kit-Kat

June 13, 2010 - Leave a Response

We have started a band.
In pop music, Ladies are more powerful than Queens. Just think. Do you know any pop music Queens? (What Ruthie? The band Queen is not a pop band. They are a rock band. Did we say we were starting a rock band? No. HMMPH.) There are tons of very successful pop icons who are Ladies! Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Lady Kit-Kat…
That’s right, that’s the name of our new band. Go us!

Lady Kit-Kat

Lady Kit-Kat

We are posting sing-along lyrics of key parts of our songs for your courtesy.

Song 1: Poke Her Face
Just want to
Just want to
We just really wanna poke her face
She annoys us like nobody

Song 2: Great Kit-Kat
Rule the world
Go us, go go us
We are the bestest

We love us and we love our best friends
You and me will be a great Kit-Kat
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh we are the bestest

Now you can sing along to the next hit singles before all your friends! Aren’t we nice to give our blog readers a sneak peek at the future? Go us!

Ruthie dropped out of the band because she thinks Princesses are better than Ladies. Have you ever heard of a band or singer whose name was Princess? No. Ladies=success in pop music. Also, in order to be the bestest band ever, we had to invest in the latest pop music fashion, which you can see in the picture above. Don’t we look great?!?!?!

In other news, Baby lost her plantation. We don’t want to give it back, but we might have to because she is throwing a fit.



We have a visitor named Sophie. You can visit her blog here. It was no surprise that she fainted upon meeting us. We are just that impressive!!!!! GO US!!!!

Sophie Meets Us

Sophie Meets Us

We are off to go practice our dance routines! Go-go us!

Sibling Rivalry

May 23, 2010 - Leave a Response

Ruthie informed us today that she is mad at Baby and not talking to Baby.

“I’m probably not talking to you either because I think it’s all your fault!!! PHHHHMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!”

After Ruthie stopped whining (please! That is so annoying! WHAT?!?!?! WE NEVER WHINE ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!), we asked why she wasn’t talking to us, because that would be stupid because we are the Bestest Dolls Ever.

“Because you let Baby enter Little Miss Playthings and not me! It’s not fair!”

Baby is entering Little Miss Playthings.

Baby is entering Little Miss Playthings.

So, being the wise dolls that we are, we had to explain. “It was a simple business decision. Baby is prettier.”

“THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Ruthie yelled. “I’M THE PRETTIEST DOLL EVER!!!!!!!!!”

“No, we’re the prettiest dolls ever,” we corrected.

“Phhm,” said Ruthie again, and stormed off.

Personally, we don’t really care if Baby and Ruthie aren’t speaking, but she should talk to us because we are great. Finally, Kit agreed to play Mini-Baby-Ruthie with her and Ruthie made Mini-Ruthie tell Mini-Baby that she was ugly. (What? I thought it was funny! Besides, I am prettier than Mini-Baby, so I didn’t really care as long as she wasn’t calling Mini-Kit ugly, because that would be false. -Kit)

Meanwhile, (real) Baby was prancing around talking about how pretty she was, and it was getting annoying, because we had to remind her multiple times that actually, WE are the prettiest dolls ever, not her.  I thought we conducted an investigation into this business of them thinking they are prettier than us!!!  HMMPH.

What Baby-Ruthie Do in Their Spare Time

May 16, 2010 - 3 Responses

Baby-Ruthie are our BFFL (hello, best friends for life). So naturally, we hired a personal investigator to follow them, because they keep insisting they are more beautiful than us, and this is definitely suspicious behavior. And to make sure they were being the bestest best friends that the bestest dolls ever (a.k.a. us) could have.

The results of our investigation were satisfactory. Actually, the investigation went VERY WELL!!! BECAUSE IT WAS ALL ABOUT US!!!

Want to see the results?!

Baby-Ruthie's Hobbies

Baby-Ruthie's Hobbies

Baby-Ruthie are being GREAT best friends. Baby is researching us!!!! PERFECT use of her time. Everyone should be researching us in your spare time. Actually, any time spent NOT researching us is a total waste of time and therefore, should be your main job. (See, then, if you are a teacher or whatever, you can teach about us at your other job!!!!) Procrastinating is bad. GET TO WORK.

Ruthie is playing Mini-Kit-Kat! Well, actually, HMMPH. HOW DID SHE GET OUR DOLLS BEFORE WE DID?! These dolls have been missing ever since THE KIDNAPPER IN DOLL FORM…

The Kidnapper in Doll Form

The Kidnapper in Doll Form

…convinced a certain human to LEAVE THEM AT COLLEGE UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!! But we do have to say, it’s better than playing with Mini-Baby-Ruthie. Our investigator reports that Ruthie was making Mini-Kit-Kat fight over who liked her more. (Obviously, me, Kit, as she is MY best friend, not Kat’s.) Ruthie loses points in that area too as we don’t have time to waste fighting over them, so she was not being accurate; we are a better topic to talk about. DUH. But, Ruthie was paying attention to us instead of her so she passes the investigation as well.

Baby-Ruthie heard we were investigating them so they sent us a picture to help!!! GO THEM!!! They are such helpful BFFLs!!! Apparently Emily wanted to show off her new “grown-up” 1940s outfit. Whatever. (I, Kat, like that it’s pink.) Also, Baby, TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS. Hmmph.

Baby, Emily, and Ruthie

Baby, Emily, and Ruthie

We think their time was better spent focusing on us.

Now excuse us, we are off to go play with Mini-Baby-Ruthie!!!


May 4, 2010 - Leave a Response

Do you LIKE US???????

Then “Like” us!!

Our Christmas List

December 5, 2009 - Leave a Response

Since Christmas is all about us, we thought we would share what we want for Christmas.  This also serves as recommendations of what every doll should ask her owner for, because anything that reminds you of us is GREAT!!

1.  Kit-Kat stickers from Michaels.  They’re big and pictures of us!  What more could you want?

2.  Kit-Kat Just for Fun.  Because we do a lot of hard work (we run our own multibillion dollar business, are psychiatrists, and are Presidents of the United States) we need to take some time off and play some games.  That are all about us.

The real version includes me, right?!?!?!?! HMMPH!! -Kat

3.  A triplet.  The more of us the better!  Also we could use some secretarial help!

Another version of us... what could be better?!?!?!

Please contribute to the Kit-Kat Fund by supporting your Kit-Kat look-a-like dolls with these choice presents for them.  Or anything else that would further their our world domination.

OUR NEW DESK!!!!!!!!

November 29, 2009 - Leave a Response

This is what a very nice person bought for us at the outlet. Of course, we have been demanding it for awhile, so it’s about time someone bought it for us. We have two complaints. One is that there is only one chair. The other is that our other desk (forcibly taken from gracefully given to us by Josefina) does not have a chair.  HMMPH.  We haven’t decided who gets which desk yet but we think we are going to make Baby-Ruthie stand.  There are some advantages to our desks in that Josefina’s has a secret compartment and this desk’s top rolls down so we can hide secret plans.  Go us.

We are not sure why Harper got to use OUR DESK but it will be delivered to us next week!!  GO US!!!!!!!

Our next plan: someone needs to build us a tree house!!!!!

Kit-Kat Book!!!! AND TEA PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!

August 20, 2009 - Leave a Response


We haven’t been on in awhile because our OWNER had to move into college 😡  Like THAT is more important than US!!!!!!!  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  We got a Kit-Kat book from McDonalds!  Actually, we got two!!  (Because there are two of us.)  They are GREAT!  Kit is mad because they both have pink ribbons… HAHA!!!!!!!!!

We also planned to have our tea party, which would be better than Baby-Ruthie’s.  BUT.  Emily had to try to “make peace”.  HMMPH.  Her fashion show was fun though, because we were the stars.

Kat modeling her tea party dress!!!!!

Kat modeling her tea party dress!!!!!

Kit modeling her tea party dress!!!

Kit modeling her tea party dress!!!

Battle of the Tea Parties

McDonalds – The Bestest Restaurant Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 6, 2009 - 2 Responses

Guess what?!  The next toys at McDonalds are going to be American Girl!


The second toy is going to be all about US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are the bestest dolls ever!  The toy is going to be doll-sized PAPER DOLLS of US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (And Baby-Ruthie.)  GO TO MCDONALD’S!!!

Baby-Ruthie are still talking about their tea party but they didn’t get to have it yet (haha!).  Maybe we will take your suggestions and have THE BESTEST TEA PARTY EVER instead of going to theirs.  Lindsay is having a party this weekend too (which is annoying because she said we can’t come because we are already a member of an exclusive club?!  Of course no one else can join the Kit-Kat and Baby-Ruthie Club because they are not Kit-Kat or Baby-Ruthie.  DUH.  But we can join any club we want!!!!!!!!!!!!  HMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!).

Hmmph, Sophie, we didn’t say we hadn’t met any other dolls before!!!  But traveling was the bestest thing ever!  We are trying to convince Colleen to take us with her when she studies abroad.  Because of course we would be the bestest people to take!!!